₹2cr Jewelry missing from store, manager flies abroad | Kolkata News

Kolkata: Kolkata Police detectives are investigating the role of a jewelry store manager over allegations that she may have absconded with gold and diamonds worth Rs 2.5 crore to foreign coasts. Complaints were lodged last month by a major jewelery company based in Bhowanipore after an internal audit indicated that several big ticket items were missing from stock.
According to law enforcement sources, the company came to suspect two of its executives after finding that other staff members did not have access to the ornaments. The audit – completed in December – had identified the woman and another officer as prime suspects.
Although the case was initiated at Bhowanipore Police Station, the case was quickly taken up by the Detective Department’s Fraud Section. “When DD officers initially summoned the duo, they realized the accused had fled. Cops traced his fingerprints to the Maldives and then to the UAE even as they arrested his alleged associate,” a source claimed.
The duo, sources say, were employed at the Salt Lake branch of the jewelry chain when the incident happened.
The sleuths believe that the accused may have returned to the country or taken refuge in Nepal. Several raids are underway and technical tracks are being developed in this regard.
Law enforcement sources said that although family members of the defendant were questioned, the jewelry major filed a new complaint alleging that a relative of the defendant threatened members of his staff in this regard . “She used the money at her disposal to stay one step ahead of us. But she won’t be long in coming back to sort out her finances here,” a police source said.
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