Appointment: Sarah Schmidt Named Head of Employee Retention and Development for United Construction Company

Sarah Schmitt

United Construction Company has appointed Sarah Schmidt as its new employee retention and development manager.

The promotion took effect on June 1 when she received her associate human resources professional certification.

Schmidt served as an executive administrator at UCC for more than three years, with a decade of experience in office management, project coordination, executive assistance and employee development. She will develop her skills in her new role within the company.

Schmidt’s primary responsibilities are to support the company’s ongoing operations and improve employee engagement, development and retention. As part of these responsibilities, she will have several roles that will advance United Construction’s mission to maintain a great company culture and invest in the career development of UCC employees.

Schmidt will also lead several human resources functions. This includes working with senior management to assess company staffing needs, supporting recruitment and onboarding efforts, keeping the company up to date on employment laws and regulations, assist with record keeping and budgeting, etc.

On the training and career development side, Schmidt will help provide basic training for new hires, assist in the preparation of career development plans for employees, oversee ongoing staff training programs, create relevant training, will help managers with performance reviews and goal setting/mentoring. , and build strong cross-functional relationships across all business sites and groups.

Schmidt will also focus on maintaining company morale and well-being. She will implement and lead team building activities, develop ideas for employee engagement activities, maintain the company events calendar and plan social events.

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