Designer Melanie Millner Creates a Timeless European-Inspired Estate in Georgia

“My clients were very interesting,” says Melanie Millner of The design workshop, a company with offices in Atlanta and Maine. “He’s a semi-retired real estate developer with ties to Telluride and American Western furniture and rug collections, and his wife is Finnish,” a heritage the designer acknowledged with woodwork inspired by fabrics and patterns. Finnish lace.

When guests arrive at the 65-acre horse farm, they pass an old barn and a bridge leading to the motorcycle field. The entrance has masonry work that Millner describes as “artistic”—she brought in stonemasons from Highlands, North Carolina to complete the masonry. The custom designed lantern is a replica of a vintage piece because no one wanted to take chances with vintage electrical wiring.

The owners were “very attentive to detail – they wanted the best of everything,” says Millner, explaining why this was a nearly three-year design project. (That’s not counting the years of building and rebuilding with different architects and developers.) “Every square inch has been thought through in terms of quality and craftsmanship,” she says. At the same time, “they wanted it to look like an old hamlet that has always been there. To that end, the designer went the extra mile by importing old limestone floors from a chateau in France.

The biggest challenge for Millner and his team was working with the family’s existing furniture in a very different sized house in a different part of the country. It was a big project, and she couldn’t have done it alone. “I was just one of many people who worked tirelessly,” she notes, thanking Katelyn Cook, a designer associated with her studio.

Their solution to the problem of eclectic influences was to incorporate Colorado pieces and Finland-inspired accents with lots of custom work. “That’s what made the project both challenging and rewarding,” she says.

Visit the vast house below.


Emily J. Followill

To the left of the entrance, the veranda stands out with its vintage oak and cypress ceiling.

Chandelier: Rose Tarlow Melrose House, purchased through Jerry Pair. The couches: Cameron Collection, purchased through Ainsworth Noah. Armchair fabric: De La Cuona, purchased through Jerry Pair.



Emily J. Followill

The wood is all salvaged river cypress, designed and installed by Vintage Lumber, says Millner. To get the green-gray color she wanted, it took “months and months” of finishing. “It has a timeless, warm and inviting patina.”

Counter stools: Gregorius Pineo, purchased by Ainsworth Noah. Leather on stools: Custom color leather by Lance Woven Leather. I cookIsle lamp: Paul Ferrante, purchased by Ainsworth Noah. Fooddesign: Paul Ferrante, purchased through Ainsworth Noah.

Big room


Emily J. Followill

“These are all vintage white oak panels with built-in bookcases,” says the designer, who used them to fill a partially open space on the ceiling two stories above.

sconces: Paul Ferrante, purchased through Ainsworth Noah. Sofa: Jonas workshop. Fabric: Liaigre/Holland Sherry. Low table: Paul Ferrante. Chairs: Jonas workshop. Fabric: Pierre Frey.

master bedroom


Emily J. Followill

Millner retained the beautiful stone fireplace and recessed the TV into the ceiling so it wouldn’t be an eyesore when not in use. Although the feature exists in some hotels, “we’ve never done it before,” says the designer. The windows overlook the stream that runs through the property.

custom king bed: Douglass workshop. Fabric for bed: Rosemary Hollgarten Alpaca fabric, purchased through Holland Sherry. ceiling fa: antique from Italy, bought by Robuck. Revolving wallsdesign: Rose Uniake, purchased through Jerry Pair. Bedside youable: Holly Hunt, purchased through Jim Thompson. Leather for bsea ​​side youable: Leather Holly Hunt. Armschairs: Trainings, purchased through Jerry Pair. Fabric for chairs: Pair Of La Cuona/Jerry.

Main bathroom


Emily J. Followill

“It had to feel like part of the landscape,” says Millner. “It’s an indoor-outdoor experience, with glass walls in the shower.” It’s electric glass, so guests can flip a switch to “fog” it for privacy.

Son’s room


Emily J. Followill

The family has two teenagers. One bedroom (above) has an attic made from the old attic and connected by a ladder. The other features a barrel ceiling covered in woven leather, as well as a built-in desk for homework and hidden drawers for storage.

sconces: Paul Ferrante, purchased through Ainsworth Noah. custom leather bed: Douglass workshop. Woven leather: Spear braided leather. Bedside youable: David Iatesta Studio, purchased through Ainsworth Noah. Blanket: C&C Milano. euro pillows: Douglass workshop. pillow fshelter : Ralph Lauren. Other bedding: Purchased through Linen Ladies.

Leather bed: Lawson Fenning. Leather: Spear braided leather. Attic cushion and pillows: Douglass workshop. Fabric for themany times cousin: Harbor Outdoor Fabric, purchased from Holland & Sherry.

Fabric for themany times pillows: Kettlewell. sconces: Paul Ferrante, purchased through Ainsworth Noah.

sons bathroom

Millner chose the Waterworks dark blue and gray lava tile for both its masculine appearance and its resistance to wear. They needed a bathroom “they couldn’t mess up”.


Emily J. Followill

Game room


Emily J. Followill

Upstairs, the games room has a pool table, a ping-pong table and a custom wet bar covered in green leather.

Billiardss table lamp : Hector & Finch, purchased through Jerry Pair. sconces: Vaughan Lighting, purchased through Ainsworth Noah. Wet bar sDesign: Hector and Finch. Bar stools: Carlyle Collective. Leather: Jerry Pair. Bar youable: Jasper. Leather upholstered stools: antiques purchased through Robuck.



Emily J. Followill

Called “Limonaia”, this secondary building – a former lemon warehouse – is used as a dining room as well as additional living and entertaining space.

Ground Ithe: Château Doming flooring. Lantern: Dennis & Leen, purchased through Jerry Pair. Metal planterns: Trainings, purchased through Jerry Pair.

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