Director of Dean of Students’ Office Wins May STAR Award

Lindsey DeVries, who works in the Office of the Dean of Students and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Accessibility Center as an office manager, was named the May 2022 STAR Award recipient.

She was named by Kiersten Karlsen, Associate Dean of Students:

“Lindsey is there for the students. She is often the first point of contact when a student comes to the Dean of Students’ office and the Accessibility Center. Not only is she caring and supportive in her approach, but she also has a keen sense of how best to triage student care. She goes the extra mile to find the best resource for the student’s individual circumstances and, in many cases, will accompany the student directly to the source to ensure contact is made. We are confident that in the absence of staff from our department, Lindsey would rise to the occasion and handle the situation while effectively meeting a student’s specific needs, no matter the circumstances. Lindsey goes above and beyond by going the extra mile, following up on students and following up on other office staff so that no student is left without the utmost care.

“When a new project surfaces for the Dean of Students’ office or the Accessibility Center, Lindsey is the first to volunteer, whether or not it’s part of her job description. Specifically, Lindsey managed COVID compliance coordination through our office, coordinated a new mentor for the freshman and transfer student program, and wrote the Campus Clery report while there was no one else available to do so. This year, she is helping manage the implementation of a new database management system for the Accessibility Centre.

“Lindsey respects the values ​​of the University, particularly in the area of ​​equity. She works to identify areas of inequity in processes within our office and makes sure to raise the voices of students who may not feel heard or that they have a platform from which to speak. Lindsey has trained as an Equity Coordinator, has served on countless search and selection committees, and participated in the CETL program, which specifically focuses on equity, mental health and wellbeing, and support. first and second year students.

“Lindsey is an excellent candidate for the STAR award because there is no limit beyond her work and her chosen roles as an advocate and supporter for students and staff.”

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