Dublin gang mayhem sparked by designer watch theft

A night of out-of-control gang mayhem began when rival thugs stole a high-end watch from a very close associate of mobster ‘Mr Flashy’ and beat the criminal badly on a Dublin bus.

he incident on a North Side bus route led to two rival factions taunting each other on social media and ultimately to a series of events that erupted last Sunday night.

Sources say it was a “miracle”, no one was killed.

Tensions remain “extremely high” in Finglas this weekend, and additional armed Garda patrols have been dispatched to the area to help quell the threat of serious violence.

However, it was the theft of the high-end watch during the bus mugging incident days earlier that sparked the latest criminal dispute in the troubled northern suburbs.

“This individual is a very close associate of ‘Mr Flashy’ and everyone knows they love their bling and he’s no different,” a local source explained.

“After the boy was beaten and the expensive watch was stolen, the crew involved in the incident took to social media where they taunted the other gang by pointing to the watch and posting photos of various young boys with the watch on their arms.

“They were laughing in the face of the ‘Mr Flashy’ team and they responded by driving to the Glenties estate in Finglas where one of the men believed to have stolen the watch lives.

“The Flashy mob then posted videos of themselves near his house, posing with guns and demanding the watch be returned immediately – the implication was that they might shoot the house or worse “, added the source.

The watch was not returned and last Sunday evening in the Dunsink Avenue area of ​​Finglas around 10 p.m. the “Mr Flashy” gang attempted revenge.

Sources say they targeted an innocent teenager who has ties to the gang responsible for the bus incident.

“He was walking around the neighborhood with two other teenagers when they pulled over and tried to force him into the trunk of a car.

“They were armed with a wheel wrench, a hammer and a golf club. The young boy was saved when a woman came out of her house when she saw what was happening but she been hit with a wheel wrench.

“The boy who was with the teenager they tried to put in the trunk was beaten with a hammer and a young woman who was there was also assaulted,” the source said.

But it was the original target that took the worst hits and he was attacked with the golf club and other weapons.

After the assault, the teenager was rushed to Children’s Health Ireland Hospital in Temple Street, but has since been released.

However, the miner suffered a fractured eye socket and broken nose as well as other injuries, and it is understood he will need reconstructive surgery on his face.

It has now emerged that following the brutal assault, at least five other criminals, including a close associate of gun victim Eric Fowler, decided to target the teenager’s attackers.

They traveled to a ‘safe house’ on Ratoath Drive, which has long been used by the ‘Mr Flashy’ gang and is believed to belong to criminal gangland Trevor Byrne (41), who is serving long sentences for separate offenses with firearms, armed robbery and forcible confinement.

“It was a brave or more likely stupid move on the part of the crew to get up unarmed because when they got there five shots were reportedly fired at them and they had to flee” , the source said.

Bullet casings were later found at this scene by Gardaí.

The thugs were then tracked to the Deanstown area where it is suspected the ‘Mr Flashy’ team fired more shots towards the home of a close friend of Eric Fowler.

No one was injured in the alleged shootings.

On Monday, three separate crime scenes were cordoned off by Gardaí in the Finglas area and technical examinations were still taking place at the ‘Mr Flashy’ refuge on Monday evening.

Along with an increase in armed detective patrols, the Armed Support Unit has had an almost constant presence in Finglas over the past week.

“There is no indication that this will end well,” added a local source.

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