‘GTA VI’ Rumors

Rumors of ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ are once again massive, and it’s because of job postings from Rockstar Games that Twitter users are claiming it’s for the sequel. The game remains unknown to Rockstar, and no confirmation yet from people familiar with the matter, only that it’s coming to the public with no release date or certainty.

GTA VI Rumors: Rockstar Games Job Postings May Be Hiding It

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Rockstar Games’ Creative Services Department in New York has two job openings for a ‘Interaction Designer‘ and ‘Associate UI/UX Designer‘ which are now at the center of discussion for the sequel game. Twitter users are now claiming to seek out the following designers who will be working on ‘GTA VI’, the titular sequel to the popular game franchise.

However, there is no confirmation to these yet. There remains speculation from angry gamers and those worried about the arrival of the next game to continue the “GTA” experience. As of today, Rockstar Games has no releases on their studios for the next release of the series, only that this does not stop its development.

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Twitter Users Prove Job Ads Are For ‘GTA VI’

A Twitter user called “Big Jim Colosimo” do one specific thread on these job titles and their availability on the Rockstar careers website, citing that it’s obviously for the game. The reason for Colosimo’s speculation is that the job will focus on something big, for the marketing push of a game like Rockstar’s “GTA VI”.

The thread runner also said that an “experiment” embedded in said work strongly indicates that this is the sequel to “Grand Theft Auto” without any name removal from the developers.

‘GTA VI’ and the rumors of the game

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Fans are already clamoring for a sequel to Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto” franchise, but the company seems indifferent to the many demands from the public. Last year, Rockstar released the expanded and improved version of “GTA V”, but that’s not what fans expected from the game developer.

Rockstar hasn’t provided any reason not to deliver the sequel after so many years, mainly because it’s already nearly nine years into its latest “GTA V” release.

The company also released remastered editions of “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy” which brought “San Andreas, Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto III” to modern consoles.

Despite this redesign, it still hasn’t brought the long-awaited sequel.

Rockstar is under immense pressure from gamers to not show it in public. The constant bickering of fans and franchise enthusiasts is increasing by the minute, especially as fans want to see the next generation of the popular single-player title’s widespread crime and action-packed story.

It’s still unclear if Rockstar’s job postings are for “GTA VI,” but gamers insist it’s for the game.

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