Hocking College Program Director Selected as Wildlife Society President-Elect | Local News

NELSONVILLE — Dr. Valorie Titus has been chosen as president-elect of the North Central Section of the Wildlife Society. This is a huge honor for Dr. Titus, from the School of Natural Resources and Hocking College.

She was also invited to serve on the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Council of Ohio.

Dr. Titus is to serve a three-year term as president-elect. This year, she plans to focus on membership in the Wildlife Society and creating a newsletter for members.

Next year, she will work on the affairs of the central north section of the company. Some of his duties include organizing and presiding over chapter executive meetings, the annual meeting, appointing and directing committee chairs, and representing the chapter at both professional and public appearances.

She also plans to focus on networking and chapter-level opportunities for her Hocking College students through the wildlife management program.

Dr. Titus has been at Hocking since June 2021 as the Wildlife Management Program Manager. She has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife with a strong desire to help save the planet.

With over 50 associate degree programs to choose from, Hocking College serves over 3,000 students. Located in the quaint town of Nelsonville, the 2,300-acre institution is rich in history, nature, art and culture.

Hocking College also has the Perry campus located in New Lexington and the Logan campus in Logan. In addition to residents on the school’s campus who attend Hocking from across the United States and around the world, local students commute from all over southeast Ohio. For more information about Hocking College, visit www.hocking.edu.

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