India’s first transgender designer Saisha Shinde says she was mentally abused by her boyfriend

India’s first openly transwoman fashion designer, Saisha Shinde, formerly known as Swapnil Shinde, introduced herself to the world as her. Born male, Saisha said she never felt like a man. In the last months of 2020, she finally fully understood that “I am a trans woman”.

In a social media post, she said: “Saisha means a meaningful life and I plan to make mine an exceptionally meaningful life.”

She is currently featured on the Kangana Ranaut-hosted reality show Lock Upp, in which she spoke about being in a mentally abusive relationship.

“Even I was abused in a relationship, but it wasn’t physical, it was mental abuse on another level. He made me feel like shit,” she said. declared.

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“He used to stand outside my door and wait just thinking someone would come and I would cheat on him. And, let’s say, if I cheat on him, he’ll catch me red-handed and he’ll use him against me. He used to climb on the terrace, go on the pipeline, stand on the pipeline, open the blinders in the bathroom and slowly see if I’m mast******* *, to use that against me.”

Why can’t you mastu *****?” asked another contestant on the show Payal Rohatgi.

She answered, “Because that’s why I don’t want to sleep with him. At the time, I thought maybe he was saying the right thing, but I was never happy about it. Physically, I was never happy at all. I always wondered, ‘kya mujhe samajh hi nahin aa raha hai’ because I was a woman inside having sex with a gay man. Obviously something was wrong but I figured I’m just gay.”

Earlier in the show, Saisha Shinde revealed that when she consulted psychiatrists, they suggested she shouldn’t have the operation because it was “wrong”.

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“So the first three psychiatrists said you were very handsome. Why are you doing this?” she said.

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