Inside Staud designer Sarah Staudinger’s St Tropez wedding

Hot on the heels of the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood power broker Ari Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor, married designer Sarah “Staud” Staudinger in a three-day wedding that took the French Riviera by storm . Comedian Larry David officiated the ceremony which began at sunset in St Tropez, a place that has always held a special place in the bride’s heart – and which just happens to be where the couple had their first date. you.

Staud and Ari met in 2018 through a business associate who set them up. “Originally, it was a ‘this will never happen’ situation,” jokes Staud, the woman behind the eponymous Los Angeles-based brand. “Ari said he couldn’t see me for months and was going to be out of town because I was elusive,” she recalled. “He was like ‘I’m going to take you to dinner in Europe’ and I was like ‘no’. And then he arrived” – in St Tropez, where Staud was visiting his father.

They dated for three years before getting engaged. “We were at home and I was by the pool reading a book [when he proposed]Staud recalls. “Ari and my cousin created the ring together. It’s my dream ring, and it’s so me.

Every summer since they met, the couple have made a point of revisiting St Tropez, and they decided it would be the perfect wedding venue. The goal was to do something that felt laid-back and honored St Tropez “in the traditional sense from what it’s become known for,” Staud says. “Going there when I was a kid and visiting my dad, and the stories of my dad there, and all that history and what I grew up with, that’s what I love about it. topic.”

The first night of the wedding was a recreation of the couple’s first date at Sénéquier. This served as the “Welcome to St Tropez” event on the itinerary. “It couldn’t have been more iconic,” the bride says. When it came to her dinner wardrobe, Staud wanted something that skewed the 90s. She wore a custom Staud column dress and accessorized with Tiffany pieces from the Elsa Peretti collection.

On the second day, guests headed to the iconic Saint-Tropez beach club, Gigi’s. “It was the perfect setting, so there wasn’t much to do except add little touches like games,” Staud says. “We had backgammon in the pool and traditional St. Tropez tourist items like bracelets.” Daphnée Lanternier, who works with Staud on her fashion shows, served as creative director and executed the designer’s vision throughout the weekend. “She’s super talented,” Staud says. “His sister lives in St Tropez, so she understood everything from the start.”

For this event, Staud turned to Alaïa to make a statement. She traveled to Paris to meet the brand, where they brought out a roll of lace fabric in the perfect shade of ivory. They ended up using it to make a two-piece set. She had two fittings, and the second time the team mentioned that they were preparing to launch swimming as a new category. “They brought out all these dresses that Mr. Alaïa had created with swimsuits, so I ended up wearing one for our day at the beach,” Staud explains. “I think I may have forced them to launch their swimwear collection sooner than they wanted!”

Later that day, Staud wanted to transform into something a little more retro, so the Staud team created a mollusk shell skirt and tie-up top to complete the list of looks.

On the morning of the wedding, the bride started the day in a Chanel tuxedo dress and matching Havaianas shorts, then changed into slippers and a cream La Perla dress to get ready, before putting on her wedding dress . Renato Campora oversaw the hair styling, while Romy Soleimani did the makeup. Her dress was, of course, a custom design by Staud. “I knew exactly what I wanted the lines of my wedding dress to be,” the bride says. “So we took duct tape and taped my body. That was really where it hit me, so we taped the chest line, we taped that low waist that I really wanted. I wanted a dramatic dropped V-waist, and I wanted a fairly low back, but I wanted it very fitted in the center and a minimal, simple neckline – feminine, nothing harsh, and I wanted the thinnest straps possible.

Landing at the wedding venue was the biggest struggle for the bride. “We didn’t want to do it in a castle,” she says. “We didn’t want to be so married.” They eventually found their location – a private residence in L’Estagnet – through people they knew on the ground. “It’s really just this little house on this big lot,” Staud says. “My father’s first house was on the exact same street and Brigitte Bardot’s house was across the street.”

When it was finally time to walk down the aisle, Staud was calm, cool, and collected. “I was surprised I wasn’t more nervous,” she says. “Just before I went to the bathroom with my friends and read my vows so I had a lot of tears ahead of them. They all started crying too. My makeup artist Romy wasn’t not happy !

Larry David served as celebrant and, of course, roasted the bride and groom during his remarks. Afterwards, the couple shared vows they had written themselves. And finally, the moment of truth: Larry asked if anyone knew of a reason why the couple shouldn’t get married. “Is anyone here?” Please object,” he begged. Tyler Perry stepped in and faked an objection to the crowd’s laughter. “It was really funny,” Staud says. “[Otherwise] we cried, of course. Ari gave me some gum, which was an inside joke and emblematic of our early relationship. We didn’t explain it, but I knew exactly what it was. It was just really funny and happy and joyful. At the end, the newlyweds introduced themselves together, then walked to a gazebo where they greeted guests after the ceremony.

A total of five small gazebos were built, along with a larger glass house where dinner took place and an after-party space that was part of the existing villa structure on the property. “You have this house, and then a huge lawn, and we had to fill it in, and I wanted it to feel like it had been there forever,” Staud says. “It was about creating these classic, laid-back beach elements and then the dinner tent, which kind of told this colorful pastel story, had this romantic vibe.”

The dinner was short with only a few speeches. “We wanted it to be upbeat, and not long,” says Staud. “We wanted it to serve as a transitional moment in the party.” For the after-dinner celebration, the bride changed into a beaded dress that read “Staud Hearts Ari.” “It was an all-beaded mini dress with a matching bag,” she explains. “I wanted to do something that wasn’t necessarily kitsch, but had a nod to all the graphics that had been used on paper documents over the weekend, something personal that tied it all together. .”

Staud is lucky enough to call some of the best DJs in the world his close friends, so the dance floor remained full until morning. “Ross, who is one of my best friends [Harley Viera-Newton]Husband started, then Diplo, Sam French, Hank and Trevor all followed. Diplo led, and everyone took a song and then another song [throughout the night].” Later that night, Staud decided she wanted to throw her bouquet on the dance floor, and DJ Hank Korsan’s girlfriend Sara Nataf caught it.

There was a birthday moment in the mix for a friend who turns 40 as well as Ari’s son, who was turning 20. “We sang happy birthday and gave them cakes, which definitely got thrown in their faces at some point,” she says.

Eventually, Staud changed into a 1967 Paco Rabanne gown that she purchased from Lily and Co in Beverly Hills. “He weighed about 30 pounds,” she notes. “It’s a real vintage Paco. I tried it and thought ‘I must have this!’ Underneath, she wore a bodysuit that eventually served as a bathing suit when she jumped into the pool – which had a giant disco ball hanging from it – at the end of the night. “Everyone was dancing and having fun well,” she says. “I literally wanted people to have happiness for happiness’s sake. It was about love for love and everyone was having fun. I think this last day you really felt it in particular.

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