Interview with costume designer Bheeshma Parvam Sameera Saneesh

“It’s always a blessing to work with Amal Neerad, because you learn and experience a lot,” says Sameera Saneesh, who designed the costumes for Amal Neerad’s Mammootty film “Bheeshma Parvam”, which is currently running successfully in theaters. . Mammootty’s Kurta-Mundu look is very popular with moviegoers. Filming began during the pandemic and posed several challenges for the film crew. Sameera says the exit was much more rewarding than the entrance. Excerpts from an interview

Amal Neerad, director
This is my third film with Amal Neerad, after ‘Iyobinte Pustakam’ and ‘CIA’. In Amal Neerad’s film, the appearances of the characters are very important. Costumes will be detailed. It was clear that none of the characters should look heavily dressed. He wanted each character to look natural. As long as we follow exactly what he wanted regarding the character sketches, we’ll be fine. This is how we gave a black tone to the character costumes of Nedumudi Venu and KPAC Lalitha. It’s not something we’re used to seeing in homes like this. Their costumes say a lot about them.

Each film is a different experience with him. There is so much to learn. There are times when we see the results of our hard work on screen, we tend to be disappointed. But with Amalettan, this problem never arises because the output will look spectacular on screen. This is the talent of Amal Neerad the director. He is also extremely comfortable working with him and gives us a lot of freedom to experiment.

‘Bhishma Parvam’-1988
If one has to be precise, the film is set in 1988. If it was 1970, it’s easier to get away with making minor edits. But 1988 is a bit tricky because it’s somewhere in the middle. Therefore, it was difficult to understand fashion at that time. We collected as much photography as possible from that era and managed to incorporate the details into the production design and costumes. We brought the materials and dyed them to the colors we wanted.

elegant mammukka
Mammukka’s kurtas were made of linen. About 12 kurtas were made in black, gray, olive green, coffee brown, white and dark blue. We have added details like the Chinese collar, double pockets and flat shoulders to these kurtas. We have also paired it with multicolored Mundus. We found the perfect suits during testing. Filming took place at the height of summer. And every time these kurtas were washed, the fabric became stiff, and that created problems for Mammukka. But he cooperated with us.

Shine Tom and Sreenath Bhasi
There are so many important characters in ‘Bheeshma Parvam’. And each costume had to be different and unique. Personally, I loved Shine Tom Chacko’s costumes. He would be ready in that costume the next morning, and it suited him well.

In real life, Sreenath Bhasi only wears low rise jeans. Because of this habit, any jeans she is given to wear turn into low-rise jeans. We used to joke that someone had to keep their jeans from falling off.

The transformation of Soubin’s character occurs during the second half. So we also changed his costumes. You can see that after his transformation scene, he wears somewhat crude suits with double pockets.

Covid anxieties
We had to face many difficulties due to COVID-19. At the start of filming, our main associate was down with Covid. And the others have also become positive for Covid. Towards the end of filming, Ms. Nadia also tested positive. Thus, the film was completed in several schedules.

Costume team
Our costume team included Biju, Rafeeq, Surjeesh, Manoj and Joju. And what you see on screen is due to great teamwork. I have to mention their contribution and how much it helped the final product.

Favorite mammookka
I had the chance to work with Mammukka in various films. My favorites include “Best Actor”, “Pranchiyettan and the Saint” and “Bheeshma Parvam”. ‘Daddy Cool’ was my first film with him and it was also an exciting experience.

new projects
Currently, I’m doing ‘Aisha’ headlining Manju Warrier. There is also “Iratta” by Joju George.

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