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Jerry Davis has been selected as the new Laboratory Program Manager (LPM) for two of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) core research capabilities: the Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems (ARIES) research platform and the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) .

“In this role, Jerry will join the leadership teams of ARIES and ESIF to manage these two critical research assets, create opportunities for collaboration with partners and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and expand capabilities said Juan, Associate Director of the Energy Systems Integration Laboratory. Torres.

The Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems research platform is the most powerful research capability in the United States to support the transition to a clean energy future. The platform brings together research assets, including high performance computing, at the Energy Systems Integration Facility with larger scale (20+ MW) research assets at NREL’s Flatirons Campus.

“A dedicated LPM will lead the development of ARIES, while building on what we have learned from ESIF, with its strong research base and successes,” Davis said. “I’m thrilled that ARIES is taking this research to an exponential level, especially by developing emulations at the scale of millions of devices.”

During his 12 years at NREL, Davis has worked with a diverse array of technologies and partners. He brings considerable experience as National Agency Liaison, as LPM for the Federal Energy Management Program, and most recently as Partnerships Manager for NREL’s defense sector work. NREL supports energy transformation at U.S. defense installations and NASA centers by advising on microgrid optimization strategies, cybersecurity of distributed energy resources, resiliency assessments, and other tools for security and energy efficiency. In this role, Davis remained active in lab-scale programming to identify existing and emerging research to meet customer technical needs.

“I bring my experience of listening to different perspectives and connecting people and groups who may not be used to working together to achieve great things. That’s what ARIES is all about and something something I can’t wait to support,” Davis said.

For more on Davis’ background, read a 2020 interview where he discusses “cutting-edge research, local microgrids for the U.S. military, and 100-mile ultramarathons.”

The best way to find out about the current activities and capabilities of these two resources is in the FY21 annual reports:

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