Westminster College professor accused of comparing his salary to that of Panda Express manager

LAWRENCE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA: A professor who allegedly taught at Westminster College in New Wilmington has come under fire online after he compared his salary to the income of a Panda Express manager. Taking to Twitter, Dr Spencer Bagley wrote: ‘My salary as an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Westminster College, three blocks from this sign, is $61,500.

His tweet was accompanied by a photo of an advertisement for Panda Express, the largest restaurant chain in the Asian segment in the United States. The ad suggested the fast food company was looking to hire “general managers” and was willing to pay “$69,000/yr plus bonus*”. The ad also offered job opportunities as “Assistant Managers” with a salary of “$20 per hour with bonus*” and “Service & Kitchen Team” with a salary of $15 to $19 per hour. ‘time.


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In his next tweets, Bagley said, “I promise this tweet isn’t elitist but either way I’m muted as my endorsements are now unusable. Go hug a local educator,” before adding, “The purpose of the tweet is for teachers to earn a lot less than you think. That’s all.

The professor’s tweet didn’t impress many as one reviewer lambasted him tweeting, “61.5k – 69k = 7500.00 less per year What formula, exactly, did you use to come to the conclusion that you win” much less” than a General Manager at Panda Express (which offers excellent cuisine, but a little too expensive)?

The second reviewer said: “The sign also says ‘Total Potential Annual Compensation or Earnings’. It is likely that the base salary requires certain performance targets to be met and then bonuses paid if higher targets are met. $69,000 isn’t just about academia politics.

“Next time: I am an associate professor of mathematics and I earn $61,500 a year. I know that might sound like a lot, but let me tell you what an average day looks like for me… oh and those breaks/holidays… HA I’m still working. (No photo needed),” the third noted.

One person suggested, “University is way too expensive. Students leave college with crushing debt. We need to cut the cost of college, so we’re going to have to cut your salary in half. It’s fairer to students. You can work 2 part time jobs like many people do. Another person commented, “You underestimate the work it takes to run a restaurant 7 days a week > 12 hours a day that relies on entry-level workers to show up every day. Having quality, staff, service, cleanliness, etc. is difficult. Why not try for a year?

A critical tweet read: “Therein lies the growing contempt for capitalism among educated people. we have overproduced educated elites with backed ed loans and now they lament their low market values ​​in a relatively crowded field/profession they have chosen. easier to blame a system than to accept responsibility for it.

“He compares a college professor with lots of obscure holidays, a two-month winter break, spring break and probably 30-hour weeks to a very stressful, fast-paced job that’s probably a minimum of 60 hours. per week without holidays. What a poor guy,” added another tweet.

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